Instrument Repair

Your Mercedes Benz instrument cluster contains the most important collection of information you'll ever need while operating your vehicle! Not only are the obvious fuel, speed and tachometer signals important, but engine vitals such as oil pressure, oil level, water coolant level and others, are closely and accurately monitored to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Thus, if your instrument cluster is starting to show signs of twitchiness, inaccuracy, inoperation or even looks something similar to the one on the right, then it's very likely that you have developed a serious malfunction. That's where we can help!

MBCluster is an electrical repair business that specifically focuses on the repair of Mercedes Benz instrument clusters. Correcting malfunctions such as sticky gauges, corrupt LCD displays, dead gauges/warning lights are our specialty. By targeting one manufacturer, and supporting none others, you can be assured that your MB vehicle's instrument cluster will function like it's supposed to again!

Repair Overview

This is a breakdown of what type of service to expect :

Repair Process

Please review the FAQ page to determine if there are any final checks you can make to determine if any other causes are ailing your instruements. When you are ready for service, then follow these steps :

  1. Fill out, then print out the online Repair Form.
    This form needs to be included with shipping as it contains all your vital information!
  2. Remove the instrument cluster from the vehicle (our FAQ describes this process). Otherwise, if located in Ontario, you can book an appointment to have us do the removal and replacement for you from our Contact page.
  3. Bundle the cluster up in ample padding and box the unit up in a sturdy box. Shipping costs can be found in our FAQ, and addressing is located on the Repair Form.
  4. Once we have received the cluster and diagnosed the fault, we will e-mail you and tell you what the cost of repair will be. If you are satisfied with the cost, we will begin repair as outlined in the list above. In order to commence repair, payment is required using the easy PayPal system (click PayPal button on HomePage). Instructions will be supplied in the email exchange mentioned above. If for whatever reason, you have decided to decline service, a shipping charge is required to get the unit back to you.
  5. When you receive your serviced unit, you may re-install in the reverse order of removal.

Illumination Repair

Backlighting for your instruments provide illumination to all the gauges during nighttime driving. The lighting is supplied by 4 bulbs which give ample coverage and visibility, as can be seen below.

Instruments - shown illuminated with standard bulbs

If you are noticing dark areas of our instruments at night, likely you have one of these bulbs burned out. To replace these bulbs, unfortunately, the instruments must be removed from the vehicle first. The standard bulb which comes stock with the unit is an incandescent or filament-based light bulb. The life expectancy of these bulbs is estimated at about 2,500 hours, thus replacement of these bulbs during our repair procedure is highly recommended. Our replacement bulbs are higher quality than the originals, named "Long Life", they can expect to provide about 10,000 hours of service.

A relatively new introduction to the automotive market are LED based bulbs. LEDs have several improvements over the old standard bulb design including longer life, little heat output and lower power usage. Most newer cars are equipped with LEDs and are rapidly becoming standard issue with car manufacturers. MBCluster is now able to replace the standard bulbs with new LED type bulbs to give your instruments a new look.

See LEDs page for more information.



Instrument Repair - Base Rate


W140/R129 1991-1994 (Analog Odometer) - LCD Module Backlight Replacement


194 Bulb Replacement - Standard "LL" bulb


Mini-Bulb Replacement - Used


Replacement Gauges , ex. tach, clock, speedometer


Custom / Extra Work


Note: After July 1, 2010: All Ontario & BC residents add 13% HST, other Canadian provinces add applicable taxes.
United States and other foreign countries do not add taxes.

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