Mileage Correction

In cases where a new or used instrument cluster must be installed to replace the original set, the odometer must be adjusted to preserve the mileage. MBCluster is able to adjust the digital or analog odometer of a new or used instrument cluster to match your original mileage seamlessly.

The digital odometer value for vehicles dated from the early nineties to the early 2000s, is electronically stored within the MCU's memory and can be changed on the bench. For vehicles manufactured after early 2000s, the odometer value is not centralized in the instrument cluster, and therefore, mileage correction on the bench is not possible.

W124 E-Class : 1987-1994

W126 S-Class : 1985-1991

R129/W140 SL/S-Class : 1992-1994

R129/W140 SL/S-Class : 1994-1996

R129/W140 SL/S-Class : 1996-1998

R129/W140 SL/S-Class : 1998-1999

R170 SLK : 1997-2001

W202 C-Class : 1994-1996

W202 C-Class : 1996-2000

W210 E-Class : 1995-1998

W210 E-Class : 1999-2001

Legal Disclaimer

Falsely representing a vehicle's mileage is unlawful, as is stated under the Weights and Measures Act, under paragraph 27 :

27. (1) Every person is guilty of an offence who

(a) alters or adjusts the odometer of a motor vehicle in such a manner that as a result of the alteration or adjustment the total distance indicated on the odometer is other than the total distance travelled by that vehicle; or

(b) replaces the odometer of a motor vehicle without setting the replacement odometer to the total distance travelled by the vehicle.

Mileage correction may only be performed when cloning your original mileage, in another set of instruments. MBCluster reserves the right to refuse its mileage correction services, if the purposes for the mileage correction request is not within that scope.

The following Legal Disclaimer must be filled out when sending in your unit.

If your unit is also in need of repair, please also fill out the standard Repair Form.

Sending In Your Unit

  1. Fill out the online Legal Disclaimer, and include it with your unit :
  2. International customers, ex. United states, Europe, must fill out the customs documented, and follow the shipping instructions available here.
  3. Bundle the unit up in ample padding and place it in a sturdy box. Address is located at the bottom of the Repair Form. Please note : Only USPS may be used for American shipping! Canadian shipments may use private couriers such as UPS, FedEx, etc., all other countries must use their federal postal services.
  4. Once we have received the unit and diagnosed the fault, we will e-mail an update. If you are satisfied with the diagnosis, we will begin repair accordingly. Final payment is done using the easy PayPal system, with Invoice sent in the email exchange. If for whatever reason, you have decided to decline service, or service is not possible for your unit, a shipping charge is required to send it back.


Mileage Correction


Pricing is in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Note: All Canadian residents must add their province's applicable taxes (HST or GST).

United States and other foreign countries do not add taxes.

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